How to Prepare Your Car for Shipping the Right Way

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Preparing your car for shipping is a necessary step whenever you think about car shipping in Canada. Instead of sending your car to the shipping company as is, there are a few things you should do to the car to ensure damage free and hassle free shipping. The following are some of the stuff recommended you do to the car in preparation for safe auto shipping:

Clean the car

Give the car a good wash before you release it for shipping. Clean both the interior and the exterior and while doing so, take note of any existing scratches or dents as well as any paint chips or discoloring which might be noticeable on the surface. In very rare occasions, dings and scratches might occur during shipping, so you want to know the existing ones before the shipping so that you can tell the difference once the car is shipped. This will only be possible if you clean the car well before it is moved.

Take photos of any existing damages

Take photos with date stamps of the dents, scratches, chips, paint etc. The photos should be very clear and you will use them for your own records should there be a dispute between you and the auto shipping company in case of additional damages or dents to the car after the shipping.

Remove all the valuable items from the car

To enhance the safety of all the valuable items and reduce the chances of theft, don’t ship the car with any valuable product inside. It is recommended you remove all the custom accessories such as the stereo system, GPS system, DVD Players etc. You should also remove all the toll tags as well as the parking passes. If you leave the toll tags, they are likely to pick up the fees of each toll where the vehicle will pass through and this will attract unnecessary charges.

Also remember to remove or disable a custom alarm system because should it go off during shipping, the shipping company has the right to remove or disable it through any means possible, so be sure it’s off before you release the car.

Conduct maintenance check before shipment

If the car is in operable condition, let this be indicated at the time of booking. Be sure that there are no mechanical issues or leaks before the car is picked and also check on the fluid levels, the tire pressures, the battery, and the mileage and note everything down before pick up.

Have extra set of keys

When you vehicle is picked, keys will be needed to drive it on and off the truck. Don’t give the trucker the only set of keys you have. Anything can happen during the shipping and should the only set of keys get lost, you might find it difficult and you may spend extra money to get a new set.

Empty the gas tank

A lot of gas is not needed during auto shipping. Leave the gas tank a quarter full since the only gas needed is to drive the car on and off the transportation truck.