Common Myths You Will Hear About Car Shipping In Canada

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Common Myths You Will Hear About Car Shipping In Canada

So you are planning to ship a car in Canada and you are advancing well with your research on the best car shipping companies to use. You are also talking to friends and family members who have done it in the past so that you can borrow an idea or two from them. Just to warn you as you go on with the due diligence, you will encounter certain myths, which might get you scared or confuse you more about Canada vehicle shipping.

However, all you have to remember is that these are nothing but myths and with the right information and the right auto shipping company, you can demystify all of them and have a smooth car shipping experience. Some of the myths include the following-:

Door to door services are more expensive than terminal to terminal services

It may be easy to think that since door to door deliveries will take more effort from the company, they are likely cost you more. However, this is not always the case and terminal to terminal deliveries in car shipping may be equally expensive due to the sheltering costs you may have to take care of. It is true that the cost of door to door delivery will vary depending on your location from the terminal, but you should not take their word for it. Do your analysis and see which suits your situation the best.

It is proper to deal directly with carriers instead of brokers who will charge you more

When it comes to Canada car transport, you always have the option to deal with either the carriers or the brokers. Each option comes with a set of merits and demerits and you can’t expressly claim that one is better than the other. Of course there are cost disparities, but depending on your particular circumstances or your unique situation, you need to rethink these options a lot.

It is cheaper to ship your car with the hubcaps removed

This is one of the myths strongly believed in auto transport Canada industry, but it has no ounce of truth in it. The origin of this myth can be traced back in the days when people were encouraged to remove all the removable parts of the car and these included hubcaps, wipers, antennas, mirrors etc and lock them up in the trunk for more security. While it might have worked back then, it can no longer be used to reduce the cost of shipping, and if anything, it might make the shipping more hectic if you consider overseas shipping using RoRo ships.

The auto shipping cost relies exclusively on the distance

Don’t be misled to believe that the quote of auto shipping in Canada is dependent on the distance to be covered alone. There are other factors which comes to play when working the total cost of shipping and these include but not limited to the value of the car being moved and the type of auto transportation, whether you will want it shipped in an enclosed container or on the open auto transport trucks.