Five Reason Why You Should Consider Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed Auto Transport

There are various options for auto transport in Canada and the choice of each is always dictated by the client’s preferences and sometimes the type of vehicle to be shipped. Enclosed shipping is one of the options available and although it might be slightly expensive compared to other car shipping methods in Canada, it is one of the safest and the most reliable means to move your car, either within the country or overseas.

With enclosed auto transport, the car will be placed in an enclosed container and shipped safe from the prying eyes of the public. For shipping across seas, the car is placed in a dedicated container where it is then secured firmly to stop it from moving during the voyage.

But when moving the car within the country, it will be placed in an enclosed container and transported using overland auto shipping tracks. If you have any doubts about this method of car shipping Canada, here are a few reasons to show why this is the best option available:

Your car is given the “white glove” treatment

When using enclosed auto transport to ship your car, you will definitely be paying a slightly higher fee and this guarantees the “white glove” treatment for your car. Most of the car shipping companies will handle your car with extra care, and they will try their best to make sure that the car arrives in the exact same condition it was loaded in. This kind of extra care is never available with other means of auto transportation where vehicles are prone to all kinds of damages due to poor handling.

Safe from flying debris or objects

The safety accorded to your car when shipped in an enclosed container is also admired by many. When you use this option, you will not have to worry about flying debris or other items hitting your car during the transportation. There will be no small rocks hitting the surface of your car during transportation saving you the trouble from restoring the vehicle or getting a new paint job.

Protected against harsh elements of the weather

Too much heat from the sun, cold and rain can potentially affect your car in one or more ways if the car is shipped in the open. But all these are avoided when you use enclosed auto transport. You won’t have to worry about the surface paint tanning due to too much exposure to the sun. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about snow or hail damaging the windows when you use enclosed auto transport.

Hidden away from the public

If you are shipping a classic car or a very expensive sports car, you don’t want everyone to know that you are the owner of that car. If you use open trucks, it will be like advertising your new acquisition and this can potentially attract unnecessary attention. But when you use enclosed auto transport, you never have to worry about the prying eyes of the public knowing about your valuable possession.