Factors That Affect the Cost of Shipping Cars in Canada

Factors That Affect the Cost of Shipping Cars in Canada

Factors That Affect the Cost of Shipping Cars in Canada

The cost of Canada car shipping services is always a factor of great concern for the individuals looking to ship their cars from one location to another. Some people are fond of accusing the auto shipping companies of charging exorbitant rates, but if you are keen enough, you will realize that the rates are never the same. Several factors dictate the car shipping rates and unless you understand them, you will think that the car shipping companies are ripping you off. The following are a few factors that the companies consider when coming up with your auto shipping quote:

The distance from the point of origin to the final destination

The first factor that affects the rate you will pay to the Canada auto transport company is the distance between the port or point of origin and the final destination. Naturally, the longer the distance, the more fuel and time the auto shipping company will use and consequently, you will be required to pay more if you have to ship your car long distances.

The actual location of your car

Most companies offer pick up and drop off services for clients looking forward to shipping their cars, but all these come with additional expenses. If you can drive your car to the pick-up location, you can save on the accompanying fees and reduce the overall cost of the shipping. If, however, you are unable to deliver the car to the designated pick up location, you will be charged additional expenses to have the company come and pick your car from its current location.

The type car

It goes without saying that shipping a classic car is more expensive than shipping an ordinary sedan. Most car companies will consider the value of the vehicle when calculating the quote. The more expensive the car, the more care it will require and this also extends to the insurance since it will cost slightly higher to cover for the duration of the shipping. All these costs are passed on to you as the client.
Along with the type of car, auto shipping companies in Canada will consider the size and the weight of the car, and these will have an impact on the final quote. For example, a larger vehicle like a Chevy Tahoe will take up more space on the transport truck compared to a Honda Civic.

The Type of Truck

Different kinds of trucks are available for auto shipping depending on the type of car to be shipped as well as the preferences of the clients. For an everyday family car shipping, an open transport truck would suffice, and it will be less expensive, though your car will be exposed to all the harsh elements of the weather and debris such as flying stones when the truck is moving.
If you wanted to ship a classic car or a very expensive sports utility vehicle, you may require enclosed auto transportation. This is a very secure option and your vehicle will be protected against all the elements of weather and things like falling debris. You will, however, have to pay slightly more for enclosed auto shipping.

Tips for Lowering Your Auto Car Shipping Cost

Tips for Lowering Your Auto Car Shipping Cost

It never hurts to save money in any endeavour you hope to take on. Expenses can quickly add up when transporting your vehicle, whether it may be within the country or overseas. If you are looking for car shipping services, the following tips will help you save and lower the car shipping cost.

Choose the shipping method carefully

For international auto shipping, RoRo services would be the most ideal and affordable option to ship your vehicle. However, if you are thinking of shipping a high-end car or an antique car, then the using an enclosed shipping container would be the most appropriate.
If you are shipping your car within the country, a cheaper selection is open truck shipping. Doing your research can help you find good deals.

Consider the sourcing location

When you are looking for a car, consider the location of the main ports in the country of origin. To find this information, you can simply use the internet or the services of a reputable international auto shipping company. If the location of the car is far away from the main ports of exit from that country, expect to pay more for the shipping. A good idea would be to source for the car from locations that are near the main ports so that you don’t pay much on the shipping.

Be careful with the car shipping insurance

Insurance is a major cost factor for auto shipping. Although it is a onetime purchase, the fees can add up. It is common for insurance companies to try and sell you the “best” coverage for your vehicle, but you should be keen on buying only the insurance you need for that shipment. The auto shipping company that you have signed up with will have their own insurance in place; if you need additional coverage, then focus on getting insurance for what the auto shipping company’s insurance does not cover.

Always buy from a dealer

If you are purchasing overseas and you want to lower the car shipping cost to Canada, you will be better off making the purchase from a dealer as opposed to private sellers, usually found through the internet.

Many private sellers will make unrealistic promises to you and demand more money once they deliver the car at your doorstep. Whereas, reputable dealers already have structures in place to ensure the safe delivery of the vehicle to your destination of choice. Besides, their quote will include the shipping costs and this will be far much affordable compared to shipping the car on your own.

Five Reason Why You Should Consider Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed Auto Transport

There are various options for auto transport in Canada and the choice of each is always dictated by the client’s preferences and sometimes the type of vehicle to be shipped. Enclosed shipping is one of the options available and although it might be slightly expensive compared to other car shipping methods in Canada, it is one of the safest and the most reliable means to move your car, either within the country or overseas.

With enclosed auto transport, the car will be placed in an enclosed container and shipped safe from the prying eyes of the public. For shipping across seas, the car is placed in a dedicated container where it is then secured firmly to stop it from moving during the voyage.

But when moving the car within the country, it will be placed in an enclosed container and transported using overland auto shipping tracks. If you have any doubts about this method of car shipping Canada, here are a few reasons to show why this is the best option available:

Your car is given the “white glove” treatment

When using enclosed auto transport to ship your car, you will definitely be paying a slightly higher fee and this guarantees the “white glove” treatment for your car. Most of the car shipping companies will handle your car with extra care, and they will try their best to make sure that the car arrives in the exact same condition it was loaded in. This kind of extra care is never available with other means of auto transportation where vehicles are prone to all kinds of damages due to poor handling.

Safe from flying debris or objects

The safety accorded to your car when shipped in an enclosed container is also admired by many. When you use this option, you will not have to worry about flying debris or other items hitting your car during the transportation. There will be no small rocks hitting the surface of your car during transportation saving you the trouble from restoring the vehicle or getting a new paint job.

Protected against harsh elements of the weather

Too much heat from the sun, cold and rain can potentially affect your car in one or more ways if the car is shipped in the open. But all these are avoided when you use enclosed auto transport. You won’t have to worry about the surface paint tanning due to too much exposure to the sun. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about snow or hail damaging the windows when you use enclosed auto transport.

Hidden away from the public

If you are shipping a classic car or a very expensive sports car, you don’t want everyone to know that you are the owner of that car. If you use open trucks, it will be like advertising your new acquisition and this can potentially attract unnecessary attention. But when you use enclosed auto transport, you never have to worry about the prying eyes of the public knowing about your valuable possession.