Auto Shipping Requirements You Should Know About

Auto Shipping Requirements You Should Know About

Auto Shipping Requirements You Should Know About

Less than 5% of the cars shipped by Canada auto shipping companies usually report significant damages from the shipping process, but it is always a good idea for you to protect yourself against potential issues which might arise during the shipping. This is done by getting the right insurance and understanding the specifics of the items covered.

The minimum auto shipping insurance requirements

Legally authorized car shipping companies are required by the law to have liability insurance. It is also recommended that you make sure that the company you want to entrust with your auto shipping needs have cargo insurance. With these two, it implies that the shipping company is well insured, and should take care of any damage caused during the transportation process once you pay the insurance deductibles, if there are any. The specific terms as well as the amount of coverage vary from company to company and thus you should inspect the shipping company’s coverage before agreeing to any terms of the auto shipping.

Is the minimum coverage enough?

While inspecting the auto transport Canada company’s insurance, keep in mind that you are free to purchase additional insurance if you feel that what is offered is not sufficient for the kind of coverage you desire for your car. Always do whatever is necessary to guarantee the safety of your vehicle while it is being shipped.

The amount of insurance offered by the auto shipping companies as required by law will in most cases offer the minimum coverage, which may be sufficient for some people. However, it is your responsibility to scrutinize the coverage and determine if it fits your needs. Also, remember to call your own auto insurance company and ask if they offer any coverage when your car is being transported and if so, what specifically does the cover include. Whether there is cover for your car during the shipping or not, it is still recommended that you inform your insurance company about the shipping.

Pertinent questions you need to ask regarding the auto insurance

As indicated earlier, you will want to verify with your preferred Canada car shipping company about the specifics of their insurance when transporting your vehicle. To help you get a clear picture of the coverage, below are some relevant questions you ought to ask:

• Are there any deductibles, and if so,
• How much will pay in terms of deductibles for the damage claims?
• Is the whole car covered or just a few parts?
• To what extent does the coverage apply?
• Is there specialty items such as ground effects or spoilers covered?
• Are there possibilities to purchase additional coverage?

If you need to make a claim

Upon delivery, take time to inspect your car to ensure that it is delivered in the same condition as you gave it to the auto shipping company. If the car was delivered with damages arising from the shipping, take note of the damages on the Bill of Landing and let the employee who delivered your car sign the form before you accept the car. Then contact your insurance and the car shipping company immediately informing them of the damages to kick start the process of resolving the issues.

What You Need to Know About Auto Insurance

What You Need to Know About Auto Insurance

What You Need to Know About Auto Insurance

When considering Canada auto transport, you will always have many questions lingering in your mind about the coverage for your vehicle when under shipping. It is always a shocker for many Canadians to find out that they will have to dig into their pockets to cater for damages that might have been occasioned by the shipping process and which they thought the shipping company would take care of.

To avoid such situations, it pays to have a clear understanding of what is covered and what is not covered from the moment your vehicle is loaded onto the auto transport truck for shipment to your new destination. Here is what you need to know as far as the auto insurance is concerned:

Demand to see proof of insurance from the car shipping company

It is a legal requirement for every Canada auto transport company to have a valid auto insurance certificate and they ought to provide it upon request. As a client entrusting them with the safe shipment of your vehicle, you should demand to see this policy and request to be told in terms that you can understand the particulars covered by the policy. It is of interest to you to know what kind of damages are covered, if the whole car is covered or just a few parts and whether you will be requested to pay deductibles should there be any damages.

It is always a good idea to counter check with your auto insurance company

Depending on the policy you hold, your insurance may offer certain coverage when the vehicle is being transported, but you should not assume and this is why it is always a good idea to call them and confirm the specifics of the coverage when your vehicle is being transported.

Loose items shipped inside the car are never covered

Most of the Canada auto transport companies will never cover damages to the interior of the car. This applies to any items shipped with the car and this is why you are encouraged to remove any loose items from the car’s interior before shipping. Theft of any form of the interior accessories is also not covered and this is why it is recommended that custom accessories such as GPS systems, DVD players, cassettes, CDS and other lose items should be removed before the shipping.

Always be present during pre-possession inspection

Before the auto shipping company assumes possession of the car, they will conduct a thorough inspection and take note of existing damages. For insurance purposes and for the sake of dispute resolution, you should be present during the inspection so that both of you agree on the condition of the car. In some instances, taking photographs is highly recommended so that you can have clear records of the car’s condition prior to shipping.

When to make claims

Should there be damages which you feel the insurance should take care of, you should file claims immediately once the car is delivered. The damages should be well captured in the Bill of Landing, which you should also attach a copy when submitting the claim. There is always a timeline within which such claims ought to be filed and you are recommended to do it as soon as possible.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Shipping Cars in Canada

Factors That Affect the Cost of Shipping Cars in Canada

Factors That Affect the Cost of Shipping Cars in Canada

The cost of Canada car shipping services is always a factor of great concern for the individuals looking to ship their cars from one location to another. Some people are fond of accusing the auto shipping companies of charging exorbitant rates, but if you are keen enough, you will realize that the rates are never the same. Several factors dictate the car shipping rates and unless you understand them, you will think that the car shipping companies are ripping you off. The following are a few factors that the companies consider when coming up with your auto shipping quote:

The distance from the point of origin to the final destination

The first factor that affects the rate you will pay to the Canada auto transport company is the distance between the port or point of origin and the final destination. Naturally, the longer the distance, the more fuel and time the auto shipping company will use and consequently, you will be required to pay more if you have to ship your car long distances.

The actual location of your car

Most companies offer pick up and drop off services for clients looking forward to shipping their cars, but all these come with additional expenses. If you can drive your car to the pick-up location, you can save on the accompanying fees and reduce the overall cost of the shipping. If, however, you are unable to deliver the car to the designated pick up location, you will be charged additional expenses to have the company come and pick your car from its current location.

The type car

It goes without saying that shipping a classic car is more expensive than shipping an ordinary sedan. Most car companies will consider the value of the vehicle when calculating the quote. The more expensive the car, the more care it will require and this also extends to the insurance since it will cost slightly higher to cover for the duration of the shipping. All these costs are passed on to you as the client.
Along with the type of car, auto shipping companies in Canada will consider the size and the weight of the car, and these will have an impact on the final quote. For example, a larger vehicle like a Chevy Tahoe will take up more space on the transport truck compared to a Honda Civic.

The Type of Truck

Different kinds of trucks are available for auto shipping depending on the type of car to be shipped as well as the preferences of the clients. For an everyday family car shipping, an open transport truck would suffice, and it will be less expensive, though your car will be exposed to all the harsh elements of the weather and debris such as flying stones when the truck is moving.
If you wanted to ship a classic car or a very expensive sports utility vehicle, you may require enclosed auto transportation. This is a very secure option and your vehicle will be protected against all the elements of weather and things like falling debris. You will, however, have to pay slightly more for enclosed auto shipping.

Top Tips for Avoiding Auto Transport Scams

Top Tips for Avoiding Auto Transport Scams

Top Tips for Avoiding Auto Transport Scams

Scammers are everywhere in the world. But the sad thing is not their perpetual presence in our midst, rather the fact that you can fall prey because you never knew how to identify them. In the Canada car shipping service industry, you have probably heard of horror stories where vehicles were delivered to their owners with parts missing or sometimes vehicles got lost when on transit.

If you scratch beneath the surface of such stories, you will discover that there is a large group of conmen who are ready to wreak havoc given the slightest chance. For your own protection, you should learn how to identify these scammers, and listed below are ways you can determine if you are dealing with a legitimate Canada vehicle shipping company or with a scammer.

Carefully review the company’s website

Auto transport scam companies will put up websites in a hurry and they are never keen on spending any money in getting the website done right. Thus, the websites are always full of grammatical errors which if you are a native speaker, you will identify on a first glance. Other than the glaring mistakes in the design and the content, auto transport scam websites will not have any contact information and if they do, it will a false phone number or a non-functional email address. These should be your indicators that you are about to engage with a scam company to ship your vehicle.

Check their reviews online

If you visit a website like Transport Reviews, you will find legitimate reviews submitted by real users of the various transport companies, including auto transport companies in Canada. The website also allows the companies to give responses to any negative reviews which might have been submitted by unhappy clients. Auto Transport scam companies will have very few reviews and they will always be about negative experiences which the companies will never dispute. The legitimate companies on the other hand will have lots of positive reviews and will willingly respond to negative damaging reviews to protect their reputation.

Check the ratings on the Better Business Bureau

It is not required anywhere for a business to be a member of the Better Business Bureau. However, genuine Canada vehicle shipping companies will try their best to be a certified BBB member and this speaks volumes about the integrity of such companies. The Better Business Bureau has always been a nice resource to check on the legitimacy of businesses as it keeps records of complaints, contact information, the duration the company has been in business, and the period they have been members of the BBB.

The car shipping industry in Canada has a lot of turnover, with many startups never surviving beyond the first year and this has somehow given room for fraudsters to come and scam people with one time deals, then they disappear. By checking the company’s information in the BBB, you will be in a position to tell if it is a fake or a genuine company which you could trust with your car shipping needs.

Tips for Lowering Your Auto Car Shipping Cost

Tips for Lowering Your Auto Car Shipping Cost

It never hurts to save money in any endeavour you hope to take on. Expenses can quickly add up when transporting your vehicle, whether it may be within the country or overseas. If you are looking for car shipping services, the following tips will help you save and lower the car shipping cost.

Choose the shipping method carefully

For international auto shipping, RoRo services would be the most ideal and affordable option to ship your vehicle. However, if you are thinking of shipping a high-end car or an antique car, then the using an enclosed shipping container would be the most appropriate.
If you are shipping your car within the country, a cheaper selection is open truck shipping. Doing your research can help you find good deals.

Consider the sourcing location

When you are looking for a car, consider the location of the main ports in the country of origin. To find this information, you can simply use the internet or the services of a reputable international auto shipping company. If the location of the car is far away from the main ports of exit from that country, expect to pay more for the shipping. A good idea would be to source for the car from locations that are near the main ports so that you don’t pay much on the shipping.

Be careful with the car shipping insurance

Insurance is a major cost factor for auto shipping. Although it is a onetime purchase, the fees can add up. It is common for insurance companies to try and sell you the “best” coverage for your vehicle, but you should be keen on buying only the insurance you need for that shipment. The auto shipping company that you have signed up with will have their own insurance in place; if you need additional coverage, then focus on getting insurance for what the auto shipping company’s insurance does not cover.

Always buy from a dealer

If you are purchasing overseas and you want to lower the car shipping cost to Canada, you will be better off making the purchase from a dealer as opposed to private sellers, usually found through the internet.

Many private sellers will make unrealistic promises to you and demand more money once they deliver the car at your doorstep. Whereas, reputable dealers already have structures in place to ensure the safe delivery of the vehicle to your destination of choice. Besides, their quote will include the shipping costs and this will be far much affordable compared to shipping the car on your own.

Five Reason Why You Should Consider Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed Auto Transport

There are various options for auto transport in Canada and the choice of each is always dictated by the client’s preferences and sometimes the type of vehicle to be shipped. Enclosed shipping is one of the options available and although it might be slightly expensive compared to other car shipping methods in Canada, it is one of the safest and the most reliable means to move your car, either within the country or overseas.

With enclosed auto transport, the car will be placed in an enclosed container and shipped safe from the prying eyes of the public. For shipping across seas, the car is placed in a dedicated container where it is then secured firmly to stop it from moving during the voyage.

But when moving the car within the country, it will be placed in an enclosed container and transported using overland auto shipping tracks. If you have any doubts about this method of car shipping Canada, here are a few reasons to show why this is the best option available:

Your car is given the “white glove” treatment

When using enclosed auto transport to ship your car, you will definitely be paying a slightly higher fee and this guarantees the “white glove” treatment for your car. Most of the car shipping companies will handle your car with extra care, and they will try their best to make sure that the car arrives in the exact same condition it was loaded in. This kind of extra care is never available with other means of auto transportation where vehicles are prone to all kinds of damages due to poor handling.

Safe from flying debris or objects

The safety accorded to your car when shipped in an enclosed container is also admired by many. When you use this option, you will not have to worry about flying debris or other items hitting your car during the transportation. There will be no small rocks hitting the surface of your car during transportation saving you the trouble from restoring the vehicle or getting a new paint job.

Protected against harsh elements of the weather

Too much heat from the sun, cold and rain can potentially affect your car in one or more ways if the car is shipped in the open. But all these are avoided when you use enclosed auto transport. You won’t have to worry about the surface paint tanning due to too much exposure to the sun. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about snow or hail damaging the windows when you use enclosed auto transport.

Hidden away from the public

If you are shipping a classic car or a very expensive sports car, you don’t want everyone to know that you are the owner of that car. If you use open trucks, it will be like advertising your new acquisition and this can potentially attract unnecessary attention. But when you use enclosed auto transport, you never have to worry about the prying eyes of the public knowing about your valuable possession.

How to Find a Reliable Auto Transport Company

How to Find a Reliable Auto Transport Company

When you consider vehicle transport in Canada, everyone desires to work with a reputable company that will not only guarantee quality services at affordable rates, but also commits to the safety of your car from the point of origin to the final destination. While you engage with  several companies to find the most suitable one, take note of the following pointers to know if you are dealing with a reliable auto transport company:

Clarity about delivery times

A reputable Canada vehicle shipping company should be very clear about the delivery times. As a client, you are interested in a prompt delivery. You do not want to deal with the anticipation and the anxiety that comes with delays in delivering your vehicle. The company should thus express clearly their terms of delivery and convince you that there will be no delays.

Have a clear policy on late deliveries

In the unlikely event that there are late deliveries, the car shipping company should clearly state how it will handle the situation. These should include money back guarantees or they accept to take responsibility of all the expenses and inconveniences you might suffer due to the late delivery. All these should be clear before you agree to ship your car with them.

Clear pricing

A reliable auto transport company in Canada should also have a clear pricing, showing itemized costs of all the services they offer with each package. As a customer, it should be easy for you to look at the pricing structure and be able to tell what shipping packages will suit your needs the most. But be careful of the companies offering cheap rates because ultimately, you will be getting the services you paid for. Ask for any hidden charges such as loading and offloading at the ports of origin and destination, parking charges, pickups and drop off charges, extra mileage etc. If the company is a reliable car shipping company, it will make all these clear before you ship with them.

Insurance coverage for your vehicle

A reliable Canada auto transport company will be upfront with the insurance coverage plans they have for your vehicle. Most of the companies will have such arrangements, but as a client, you are free to take additional insurance if you think what the company is
offering might not suffice for your needs.

Great online reviews

With the internet, a simple search about the company in Google will reveal to you a lot of information about them. Your greatest concern should be on the reviews submitted by their past clients. It goes without saying that a reliable company will have lots of positive reviews and a less reliable company will be suffering from lots of negative reviews. Also check in review sites such as the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any pending complaints about the company. This is vital because it will determine if you will choose a company that will give you a peace of mind during the shipping.

Factors to Consider when Shipping a Luxury Car in Canada

Shipping a Luxury Car in Canada

If you are planning to ship a high-end car in Canada over a long distance, you probably have wondered what the best approach to use is. It is a fact there are several auto shipping companies in the country, but this is not a guarantee that all of them have what it takes to successfully ship your high-end vehicle.

If you are planning on shipping a luxury car in Canada, you have two options – to either drive the car to the desired destination or to hire an auto shipping company to complete the task for you. Choosing the latter most likely has a greater benefit to you and your luxury vehicle.

There are several benefits when you ship your car through an auto shipping company including:

Wear and tear

The weather in Canada is known to create potholes, and if you the drive to your desired destination is a long distance, you can imagine the amount of wear and tear you will cause to the car. You will not have to worry about if you decide to let an auto shipping company deliver the car for you.


When you drive your high end car on such long distances, you are putting your valuable investment at risk. Many things can happen before arriving at the final destination but can be eliminated if you choose a professional move.


Every kilometer you travel with the car will reflect on the mileage and this will definitely lower its value, if you decide that you want to sell it. However, if you use the services of a Canadian auto transport company, you will preserve the mileage.


There are many benefits of choosing an auto shipping company to transport your luxury vehicle rather than driving it on your own, but it is also important to make sure that you choose a reputable company to do it. It is imperative that you choose a reputable business that will offer you a smooth experience during shipping. Consider the factors below when searching for a reliable company:

Secure facilities

Your luxury vehicle is an investment. Ensure that the company you are engaging with has the right facilities to guarantee the safe delivery of your vehicle to the intended destination. The shipping facilities should safely secure your vehicle and take all necessary precautions to limit damages and accidents.

Enclosed trucks

Your auto shipping service should offer enclosed trucks for the shipment of your high-end car. Don’t agree for open carriers to be used as they will not offer your valuable possession the protection against harsh elements, such as the weather or flying debris such as stones.

Insurance coverage

You should be at peace knowing that the auto shipping company that you are entrusting with shipping your high end car has adequate insurance coverage should there be accident or damages to your car during the process.

Tips for Shipping your Classic Car

Canada Auto Transport Classic Car

Are you planning to ship a classic car and you are scared that you may fail to find the right company to deliver it in good condition? After you have invested in a classic car, it is imperative to take every precaution to ensure the safe arrival of your car to its final destination. Presented below are sure fire ways you can use to get the most when shipping your classic car:

Research the shipping company’s record with regards to shipping classic cars

With the amount of money you have spent on acquiring the classic car, the last thing you want is to entrust its shipping with an amateur shipping company. Your ideal choice of company should be an experienced one with adequate knowledge on what it takes to ship a classic car. They should be in a position to give you past references for the classic cars they shipped so that you can conduct proper due diligence to ensure that you are dealing with the right auto shipping company for your classic car.

The company’s insurance coverage

Don’t ship your classic car with a company that does not have the necessary insurance covers. Request to see a copy of the insurance information and verify that the policy is real by making a call to the insurance company. In this manner, you will be rest assured that your car is well covered in case of any damages or accidents. Additionally, ask the auto shipping company about the specific items covered in the insurance policy. These should include the types of damages and accidents covered.

Verify your own coverage

Before you ship your classic car with the auto shipping companies in Canada, you may want to call your insurance company and find out if the car will be covered during the shipping. This can be your fall back should you find out that the transportation company’s insurance does not cover accidents and damages which might occur during the shipping.

Remove all your valuables from the car

Don’t leave any valuable items in the car during the shipping. Be sure to take out items such as the car’s stereo, the owner’s manual and any other personal item which you might have left inside the car. This is to prevent any possible theft which could occur during the shipping.

Document the condition of the classic car

Ensure that you have documented the condition of the classic car before releasing it to the auto transport company. Take clear photos and take note of any lose parts in case there are any and be sure of the general condition of the car. In this manner, it will be easy for you to detect any damages or if there was an accident during the shipping process.

Understand the shipping contract before signing

Before you append your signature to the shipping contract, read it and get all the details and sign only if you are comfortable with all the terms. Check for hidden clauses, fees and other items you are likely to miss which would hamper the smooth shipping of your classic car.