Professional vehicle shipping services in Canada

One major huddle that you have to overcome after purchasing your car is to transport it up to your place of residence. This is a process you must go through unless your home is located in the backyard of the car dealership where you made the purchase. We understand that this is a stressful necessity and that’s why we are here to offer you with the best auto shipping service in Canada.

For over three decades now, we have managed to establish ourselves as a safe and reliable auto transport company in Canada. Our services have been enjoyed by many customers and you too you can be one of them by allowing yourself to have peace of mind as we take care of your car shipping needs. Your car is a treasured possession and you should not let it be handled by non professional companies.

Unlike the others, we don’t need a lot of information in order to transport your car. We only need a few details and these include information relating to your car, the preferred date you’d like it to be moved, its current location and where you want us to move it to. We will then evaluate the information and determine the best suitable means of moving your car at an extremely affordable price.

Due to the diversity in our services and the fact that different customers have different needs, we don’t have a “fit all” solution. Our flexibility allows us to come up with tailor made car shipping services in Canada which will fit the needs of every individual customer. For instance, if you are moving an exotic or antique automobile, you may prefer the closed delivery trucks to hide it from the public glare but if you are simply moving an ordinary family car, then the open trucks would just be fine. No matter what your choices are, we take it as our sole obligation to meet all of them.

Being a top car shipping company in Canada, we base all our services upon trust, efficiency and reliability. All our vehicle carrier drivers are highly trained and insured and they also hold valid licenses to do the job. We uphold all our customers with respect and dignity and it’s always our desire to deliver your car safely and in good time. We will maintain effective communication between you and the carrier drivers so that you are kept updated throughout the entire journey.