Top Tips for Avoiding Auto Transport Scams

Top Tips for Avoiding Auto Transport Scams

Top Tips for Avoiding Auto Transport Scams

Scammers are everywhere in the world. But the sad thing is not their perpetual presence in our midst, rather the fact that you can fall prey because you never knew how to identify them. In the Canada car shipping service industry, you have probably heard of horror stories where vehicles were delivered to their owners with parts missing or sometimes vehicles got lost when on transit.

If you scratch beneath the surface of such stories, you will discover that there is a large group of conmen who are ready to wreak havoc given the slightest chance. For your own protection, you should learn how to identify these scammers, and listed below are ways you can determine if you are dealing with a legitimate Canada vehicle shipping company or with a scammer.

Carefully review the company’s website

Auto transport scam companies will put up websites in a hurry and they are never keen on spending any money in getting the website done right. Thus, the websites are always full of grammatical errors which if you are a native speaker, you will identify on a first glance. Other than the glaring mistakes in the design and the content, auto transport scam websites will not have any contact information and if they do, it will a false phone number or a non-functional email address. These should be your indicators that you are about to engage with a scam company to ship your vehicle.

Check their reviews online

If you visit a website like Transport Reviews, you will find legitimate reviews submitted by real users of the various transport companies, including auto transport companies in Canada. The website also allows the companies to give responses to any negative reviews which might have been submitted by unhappy clients. Auto Transport scam companies will have very few reviews and they will always be about negative experiences which the companies will never dispute. The legitimate companies on the other hand will have lots of positive reviews and will willingly respond to negative damaging reviews to protect their reputation.

Check the ratings on the Better Business Bureau

It is not required anywhere for a business to be a member of the Better Business Bureau. However, genuine Canada vehicle shipping companies will try their best to be a certified BBB member and this speaks volumes about the integrity of such companies. The Better Business Bureau has always been a nice resource to check on the legitimacy of businesses as it keeps records of complaints, contact information, the duration the company has been in business, and the period they have been members of the BBB.

The car shipping industry in Canada has a lot of turnover, with many startups never surviving beyond the first year and this has somehow given room for fraudsters to come and scam people with one time deals, then they disappear. By checking the company’s information in the BBB, you will be in a position to tell if it is a fake or a genuine company which you could trust with your car shipping needs.