The Process of vehicle transportation in Canada

The process of transporting your vehicle must not be necessarily difficult. Though there may be a few challenges especially when you have to move across different provinces or even countries, using the services of a reliable Canada car transport company will give you the much needed peace of mind knowing that your car will arrive safely and timely.

Here is brief description of the process that we use when transporting vehicles-:

Review of the Quote

The transportation process begins with the customer filling the quote form available in our website. From the information submitted, we will know about the car’s model, make and year of manufacture, its current location and the shipping destination, and whether the car is running or non-running. We will then review the information in order to determine the exact status of the car with the view of providing the best final price.

Inspection or survey

At this stage, one of our qualified inspectors will go to the vehicles location and conduct an inspection so that both the shipping company and the client can be on the same page about the vehicle’s condition at the point of origin. This is also the stage when the security alarms are deactivated and any lose items as well as personal belongings are removed from the car in readiness for the pickup.

The paper work

Before the car is released to the shipping company, the owner must ensure that he has all the required legal documents. One such important document is the Bill of Landing which the customer must read, understand and consent to before making any commitment. The client should also avail a copy of each document to the shipping company.

The Pickup

Though this is optional, but once everything is in order, the client can arrange for the shipping company to come for the vehicle or they can as well deliver it to the loading zone. A good Canada car shipping company should arrange for the pickup at no additional charges.


Once at the loading zone, the vehicle will be loaded on either the railcar, closed or open trucks depending on the agreed means of shipment.


During transit, the vehicle is under the custody of the shipping company and has left the place of origin for the final destination.


This happens at the destination terminal of the shipping company. The car will be unloaded safely then driven carefully to a secure place awaiting delivery or pickup by the client. The client will then be notified that his consignment has arrived and is ready for pick up.

Delivery and pickup

The client can either have the shipping company deliver the car to their residence or they can as well pick it up from the company’s yard.