Motorcycle Shipping

We have an enthusiastic car shipping company in Canada who will be glad to transport your motorcycle to any place you desire. In order to smoothly accomplish this, we will require that you do the following prior to the shipments-:

  1. Determine and avail to us the total weight of the motorcycle
  2. Bring the motorcycle with an empty fuel tank. Utilize all the fuel or drain any that might be left.
  3. All loose items must be removed. Such items won’t be insured should they be included in the shipment.
  4. You must ship extra keys to the delivery destination. You can use courier services to deliver them.
  5. Make sure that the receiver can be reached by phone
  6. Ensure that there are no fluids leaking from the motorcycle
  7. Unlock the steering and remove the keys
  8. Safely fold all the mirrors
  9. Unlock all folks of the bike
  10. Inspect the motorcycle upon delivery to ensure that there are no damages.