The Vehicle Transport Options at Your Disposal

The Vehicle Transport Options at Your Disposal

The Vehicle Transport Options at Your Disposal

Canada vehicle transport companies offer various options to ensure that your car reaches the intended destination securely. The options available are suited to meet the varying needs and preferences of each and every client. It is also important to point out that these options will be available at different price ranges, though this should never be the main factor of concern when you are looking for the right auto transport company to take care of your car shipping needs in Canada. The following are some of the options you will have at your disposal:

Car Transportation by Trucks

Car transportation by road is perhaps the most common type of auto transport. Most of the people with the need to move their cars prefer this means if they need to move the car from one city to another within Canada. It is a relatively safe mode and not very expensive, hence within the range of most people. Below are some of the options for car transportation by trucks:

Enclosed auto transportation

In this method of Canada auto shipping service, the car is transported in an enclosed container, making it safe from all the flying debris, harsh elements of the weather as well as the prying eyes of the public. This is the best option if you needed to ship an antique car, a classic car or a very expensive SUV. But be prepared to pay slightly more compared to the other options.

Top Load Vehicle Transport Services

With top load vehicle transport services, your car will be placed on top of a car transport truck. This option is normally preferred if you wanted to expedite or prioritize the shipping process. Though you will pay more, the car will be safe from debris and fluid leaks from other vehicles which might end up causing damage to your car. It is a nice option if you need to ship a sedan or convertibles.

Car shipping by a boat or ship

Car shipping by boats or by ship is for when you need to ship your car overseas. With this option, you can decide to use dedicated containers or RoRo ships. With the former, your car will be placed in a dedicated container where it will be fastened securely before being shipped to the desired destination. With the latter on the other hand, the car will be driven onto a RoRo ship at the port of origin and driven off the ship at the port of destination. It is the most affordable option if you are looking to ship overseas.

Car Transport by train

Though it is not very popular, auto transport Canada by train is another option at your disposal for shipping your car in Canada. With this method, you can save between 15% and 30% of the cost you would have used with the conventional means of shipping cars. It is ideal when you need to move your car long distances and since your car will be transported in a fully enclosed container, you don’t have to worry about damages or the elements of the weather affecting your car.