Tips for Shipping your Classic Car

Canada Auto Transport Classic Car

Are you planning to ship a classic car and you are scared that you may fail to find the right company to deliver it in good condition? After you have invested in a classic car, it is imperative to take every precaution to ensure the safe arrival of your car to its final destination. Presented below are sure fire ways you can use to get the most when shipping your classic car:

Research the shipping company’s record with regards to shipping classic cars

With the amount of money you have spent on acquiring the classic car, the last thing you want is to entrust its shipping with an amateur shipping company. Your ideal choice of company should be an experienced one with adequate knowledge on what it takes to ship a classic car. They should be in a position to give you past references for the classic cars they shipped so that you can conduct proper due diligence to ensure that you are dealing with the right auto shipping company for your classic car.

The company’s insurance coverage

Don’t ship your classic car with a company that does not have the necessary insurance covers. Request to see a copy of the insurance information and verify that the policy is real by making a call to the insurance company. In this manner, you will be rest assured that your car is well covered in case of any damages or accidents. Additionally, ask the auto shipping company about the specific items covered in the insurance policy. These should include the types of damages and accidents covered.

Verify your own coverage

Before you ship your classic car with the auto shipping companies in Canada, you may want to call your insurance company and find out if the car will be covered during the shipping. This can be your fall back should you find out that the transportation company’s insurance does not cover accidents and damages which might occur during the shipping.

Remove all your valuables from the car

Don’t leave any valuable items in the car during the shipping. Be sure to take out items such as the car’s stereo, the owner’s manual and any other personal item which you might have left inside the car. This is to prevent any possible theft which could occur during the shipping.

Document the condition of the classic car

Ensure that you have documented the condition of the classic car before releasing it to the auto transport company. Take clear photos and take note of any lose parts in case there are any and be sure of the general condition of the car. In this manner, it will be easy for you to detect any damages or if there was an accident during the shipping process.

Understand the shipping contract before signing

Before you append your signature to the shipping contract, read it and get all the details and sign only if you are comfortable with all the terms. Check for hidden clauses, fees and other items you are likely to miss which would hamper the smooth shipping of your classic car.