There is more to Consider in Canada Car Shipping than Just the Cost

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For the majority considering auto shipping service in Canada, it is like their whole world and the success of the shipping relies on the cost. In as much as the cost of the shipping is a major factor of consideration, it is not the only one and if you decide to get blinded by it, you are bound to have a very nasty car shipping experience. In addition to your cost concerns, you should also include the following:

The ability of the company to be careful with your car

The last thing you desire is to have your car damaged during the shipping due to mishandling or negligence by the auto shipping company. It is true that you can pay the agreed amount, but if the company won’t deliver your car in one piece, then you will be a very disturbed person. It is thus imperative to check on the company’s ability to deliver you without any damages. To best way to find this information is to check the kind of facilities they have as well as online reviews to see if past clients complained about their cars getting damaged during shipping.

Does the company honor delivery schedules?

Time is of essence and just like other clients you don’t want delays on the deliveries. Whenever you hire a Canada car shipping service, be sure that it is a company which will respect your time and make the delivery according to the agreed schedule. In case of any deviations from the original plan, they should be in a position to compensate accordingly and take responsibility for the delays, even if it means delivering the car to your door if they delivered it late to the terminal so that you didn’t manage to pick it as planned.

The ratings of the company

You may be lucky to get good rates from a Canada car shipping company, but if they don’t have good ratings on their services, it will be a complete waste of your time. You won’t be guaranteed of great services and eventually, you will simply be getting the cheap services which you paid. Therefore, make it a habit to check the ratings of the company from the relevant sources such as the Better Business Bureau and other similar sites where you can find comprehensive reviews and ratings of the company.

The quality of customer care

Before engaging any Canada car shipping company to take care of your auto shipping needs, you should also consider the levels of their customer care services. Your vehicle is a valuable possession and you would like it to be handled by kind and nice guys. The customer care should be available at all times to give real time updates on the progress of your shipment. The last thing you want is for your calls or emails to go unanswered during the shipping process, thus putting you in total darkness on what is happening to your vehicle.

Therefore, before you think about the cost as the sole greatest factor in car shipping, thing about these other things for an overall great shipping experience.