Shipping Antique Classic Cars


Transporting your classic or vintage car should never be left in the hands of non-professionals. It took you great effort, resources and time to locate and acquire it. Never compromise on the tiny details when it comes to its shipment. You can trust us to safely deliver it to your preferred destination; even if it’s at your door steps. We understand that such cars are delicate and require extreme care while handling. We have the equipment, skills and expertise to guarantee a seamless transportation that will not compromise the beauty and the uniqueness of the car.

Throughout the years, we have managed to build our reputation as the best antique auto Transport Company in Canada due to the countless number of antique vehicles we have transported within and outside the country. We work closely with a number of antique car dealers across the world and this has enabled us to understand the minute details of taking care of the cars and as a result, we have incorporated all these in our delivery system to preserve the uniqueness of the vehicles.

After taking your time to purchase such a treasured item, sit back and let the professionals in transporting classic cars provide the necessary care in ensuring that your worthy collection reaches its final destination without any hitches.