What You Need to Know About International Auto Shipping

Auto Transport Canada - International Auto Shipping

The thought of international auto shipping to or from Canada may appear to be a daunting task the first time, but with a bit of research and learning about how the international car shipping industry operates, everything becomes clear with time. In this piece, we highlight some of the important things you need to have in mind if you are considering shipping cars to or from Canada to international destinations.

The cost of oversea car shipping

There is a very large disparity with regards to the cost international auto shipping. Some of the factors that affect the rates of international car shipping include but are not limited to-: the port of origin and port of destination, the type of car being shipped, the method of shipment, and the shipping company amongst others. Small compact cars may cost hundreds or a few thousand dollars compared to large vehicles or SUVs whose costs might run into several thousand dollars.

RoRo Car shipping

There is a variety of shipping methods offered by the overseas car shipping companies. The first one is Roll on Roll off services, also known RoRo. With this option, the cars are driven onto a roll on roll off ship where they will be secured to limit movement during the voyage. At the port of destination, the cars will then be simply driven off the ship to a secure parking area

Compared to other methods of international auto shipping, this is the most affordable option, only that it would not be ideal if you wanted to ship a classic or an expensive car. The other drawback you may encounter with this option is the fact that not all ports have the facilities to accommodate RoRo ships because of their sheer sizes. In effect, you might find that you will need additional expenses in transporting the car to ports which have facilities to handle RoRo ships.

Container car shipping

The other option for international auto shipping is the use of shipping containers. With this method, the car is placed inside an ocean shipping container and strapped securely to prevent it from moving inside the container during the journey. One of the great benefits of using this method is that only your car will be shipped in that container and so you are free to include other items such as personal goods inside the container. This is usually the most preferred option for people shipping classic cars or very expensive sports cars.

Documents needed for International Auto Shipping

If you are planning for international auto shipping, it is important to know all the necessary documents and ensure that you have all of them so as not to delay the shipping process. For the very specific documents needed, consult with the customs officials at the port of origin as well as the port of destination. Otherwise, these are some of the general documents you are likely to need-: vehicle’s original title, a letter of release from the lien holder if you don’t have the title, a copy of license from the owner and notarized export power of attorney.