Shipping Antique Classic Cars


Transporting your classic or vintage car should never be left in the hands of non-professionals. It took you great effort, resources and time to locate and acquire it. Never compromise on the tiny details when it comes to its shipment. You can trust us to safely deliver it to your preferred destination; even if it’s at your door steps. We understand that such cars are delicate and require extreme care while handling. We have the equipment, skills and expertise to guarantee a seamless transportation that will not compromise the beauty and the uniqueness of the car.

Throughout the years, we have managed to build our reputation as the best antique auto Transport Company in Canada due to the countless number of antique vehicles we have transported within and outside the country. We work closely with a number of antique car dealers across the world and this has enabled us to understand the minute details of taking care of the cars and as a result, we have incorporated all these in our delivery system to preserve the uniqueness of the vehicles.

After taking your time to purchase such a treasured item, sit back and let the professionals in transporting classic cars provide the necessary care in ensuring that your worthy collection reaches its final destination without any hitches.

Motorcycle shipping requirements


We have an enthusiastic car shipping company in Canada who will be glad to transport your motorcycle to any place you desire. In order to smoothly accomplish this, we will require that you do the following prior to the shipments-:

  1. Determine and avail to us the total weight of the motorcycle
  2. Bring the motorcycle with an empty fuel tank. Utilize all the fuel or drain any that might be left.
  3. All loose items must be removed. Such items won’t be insured should they be included in the shipment.
  4. You must ship extra keys to the delivery destination. You can use courier services to deliver them.
  5. Make sure that the receiver can be reached by phone
  6. Ensure that there are no fluids leaking from the motorcycle
  7. Unlock the steering and remove the keys
  8. Safely fold all the mirrors
  9. Unlock all folks of the bike
  10. Inspect the motorcycle upon delivery to ensure that there are no damages.

Transportation of Exotic Cars


Exotic vehicles are not like the ordinary cars you see every day on the streets. They are rare and they represent class and elegance. This is why they deserve to be transported not by amateurs but professionals who understand their real value. We have the equipment and the expertise to guarantee the shipment of such vehicles from their original location to the owner’s preferred destination.

Vehicles are exposed to a number of risks while being transported. The risks even multiply when they are exotic cars as these require additional care. When you transport your exotic cars with us, we have the necessary insurance to cover the vehicle against any mishap it might come across. To offer privacy, we have closed trucks which enable us to hide your exotic cars from the awful glare of the public.

Finding an exotic car requires time, effort and finances. Since we understand the fact that you had to go great lengths and sacrifice a lot in order to have the car, the best we can offer you is to ensure that the car reaches its final destination in one piece and without a single scratch. We can only imagine how it feels to get you exotic car delivered in a compromised condition and we will do our best to avoid such.

As a leading exotic car shipping company in Canada, allowing us to transport your exotic car will put it in the hands of diligent and dedicated team with the necessary certification to conduct the transportation of any kind of expensive car. Our drivers are trained and have the skills to handle all types of cars hence will ensure that your car receives the ultimate care and protection while being transported.

For additional information about transportation of exotic cars, contact us by mail or telephone and we will gladly attend to all your inquiries.

Auto Transport Shipping Checklist


Being one of the best Canada auto transport companies, you can rely on us that your vehicle will arrive in the same exact condition it was at the point of origin. But before we can embark on the shipment, there are a few preparations you need to make to your car to ensure a seamless shipment.

Here is a checklist you should use to prepare your car for shipment.

  1. Car washing – this is to facilitate for a quick and easy inspection by our inspector before the shipment.
  2. Climate – prepare your vehicle for the climate of the final destination. For instance, if there will be higher temperatures ensure that the vehicle has adequate engine coolant.
  3. Mechanical condition – ensure that the car’s battery is well secured and in good condition, the tires are inflated at the right PSI, the parking lights are functioning properly and most importantly, the emergency brake must be functioning as well.
  4. Turn off all the alarms and bring it to the attention of the driver if there are any special instructions necessary to start or stop the car.
  5. Lower all permanent antennas or remove the temporary ones.
  6. Remove all stereos, GPS systems and other mountable accessories.
  7. Ensure that the emergency kit has atleast a spare tire, tire jack, and a tire wrench.
  8. Ensure that the fuel tank approximately a third full.
  9. Bolt any caps and canopies on pickup trucks to ensure that they remain firm during the transportation.
  10. If necessary, leave a copy of the vehicle’s registration and insurance certificate in the car
  11. Ensure that there are absolutely no personal belongings in the vehicle during the transportation. Remove all sunglasses, CDs, radar detectors and any security features you might have installed.
  12. Remember to winterize the car properly if shipment is to be done during winter.
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